The most beautiful cities in Africa 2018

This list shows the most beautiful cities in Africa. The city topping this list is ranked the
most beautiful city in Africa 2018,
The ranking was based on African cities that have improved their looks, amenities and more within the last 12 months. got as many pictures as we could, so as many foreigners in other continents who still look down on Africa as a jungle to know that we Africans, sure know we got a lot of beautiful cities in Africa. You can also vote the best cities of your choice from our list below, relax and gently scroll down to view our list.

12. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The capital of Ethiopia is an excellent city. The infrastructure and the towering buildings are spellbinding. However, Addis Ababa is much more than steel and concrete. Home to some of the most amazing people in Africa, everyone loves to visit Addis Ababa. Visit this place without any hitches and fear. You will love it! This here is among the most beautiful cities in Africa 2018

11. Abuja, Nigeria

Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and the centre of Nigeria government. Most of the headquarters of the government agencies are situated in Abuja, and it is from here that the government of Nigeria is run down to the grassroots. But this is not all Abuja is known for, as the state is obviously the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

10. Marrakesh, Morocco

This is one of the largest cities in Morocco. Its name means the “Land of God”, but the city is more known as the Red City. Marrakesh is wedged between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, making it a very interesting place to visit. Aside from that, it is also the home of the Djemaa el Fna Square, which is famous for its street performers and vendors.

9 . Antananarivo, Madagascar

If you love sunsets, then you might want to consider living in this capital city of Madagascar. Aside from the sunsets, it also has numerous historical sites, most of which reflect the French occupation. There are also beaches and palaces in this city. Exploring Antananarivo may be a bit challenging and exciting at the same time because of its steep roads and alleys. An African city to behold.

8. Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Abidjan means you are in Ivory Coast — an amazing place for trade and travel in Africa . Despite hardships, Abidjan is one of the most developed cities in Africa with some impressive skylines you can ever find. Talking about the most beautiful cities in Africa 2018 Abidjan is definitely one of a kind

7. Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, known as “The Pearl of the Mediterranean”, has an atmosphere that is more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern. Its ambience and cultural heritage distance it from the rest of the country although it is actually only 225 km. from Cairo.

6. Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

As the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is one of the most peaceful cities in Africa. Other than being peaceful, this stunning city is highly developed. Shoppers can head towards Kariakoo, which is the most crowded and the largest in East Africa. Purchase anything from food to furniture.

5. Port Louis, Mauritius

Port Louis was once considered the star of the Indian Ocean. This is Mauritius’ capital and business centre. Therefore, expect a busy city, but everything changes once the sun sets. People will start flocking at popular market places and at the Caudan Waterfront for a night of relaxation and fun with friends. Tourists will enjoy the historical buildings in this city and you will learn a lot of the Mauritian cultures here too.

4. Nairobi, Kenya

If you want to enjoy the wildlife within the city, then Nairobi is the perfect place to be. This is the largest city in Kenya and it boasts the Nairobi National Park , which is the home of lions, rhinos, hippos, and other wildlife. It is not all about animals, though. There is also the Nairobi National Museum for people who want to learn more about Nairobi’s history, and the Kazuri Factory, which is the one-stop shop for souvenirs. One of those African cities you have to visit on your next trip to Africa.

3. Johannesburg, South Africa

Filled with life, enthusiasm and an amazing culture, Johannesburg is the second most enriched city in South Africa. The city is huge! Though Cape Town competes with Jo’Burg, it is still an awe-inspiring destination for several travelers. Make sure you visit the Apartheid Museum and City Deep, a gigantic dry port in the world.
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2. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is the largest city in Egypt . The city itself is a beauty to behold, but the main attractions here are still the Pyramids and the Egyptian Museum. The pyramids are found just outside the centre of the city. So, if you want to get a glimpse of one of the ancient wonders of the world, make sure to visit Cairo. Cairo is one of those African cities with lots of historical stories surrounding it.

1. Cape Town, South Africa

The most beautiful cities in Africa, and Cape Town is the number 1, best known for its beaches, wine farms, and mountains. The main attraction in the city is the Table Mountain. Tourists usually make it a point to get on top of it through a cableway in a bid to view the whole metropolis from a vantage position. Speaking of its metropolis, expect to see a city that is alive with energy, colours, and creativity.

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