Shame on her,this slay girl was striped naked for stealing cloth in a shopping mall

store P.M.EXPRESS disclosed that, the suspect went to an inner room provided to customers to test their selected clothes by the management before they make payment.

However, Okeke reportedly selected 11 different wears and went inside the changing room with her handbag, pretended to be trying on those clothes before she could make payment. Unknown to the management, Okeke had another motive.

She reportedly removed her old clothes she had kept in her bag, including the clothes she worn and changed them with some of the new clothes she selected from the store, wore some she pretended wanting to buy. However, as she made to exit the store, the security demanded to search her and it was during that exercise that the management discovered what she did. She was stripped of those clothes she had already worn and was immediately handed over to the police by the management.

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