Sophia monodu calls chioma bitch

Sophia Momodu has humiliatedDavido and his girlfriend Chioma after Davido coldly threw jabs at her for a no-just cause. The abandoned baby mama notified the public about her hacked IG account and Davido scorned her.

This act by Davido was absolutely uncalled for, as Sophia’s words weren’t directed at him in any way. But then, he still shaded her like he had been waiting for a chance to do so. But he didn’t expect the reply he got. On IG, Sophia wrote:

“My Instagram has just been hacked. Smh. Guys, please report my page.” Uninvited Davido stopped by the comment area to shade his own baby mama with the following words: “Invisible hackers’ association of Nigeria. Hahaha.” His comment brought out the beast in Sophia Momodu who fed him back with one of the most epic replies ever. She said:

“Don’t play with me. Play with your bitch!” Davido has been considered childish for this episode he put up by shading the mother of his child, especially in a time like this when the whole country is on her neck as if she was the first person to see her baby daddy with another girl. On the flip side, Sophia has been held dearly by those who had shunned her.

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